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The Services

Note: All Vogel Drafting Inc. services are provided through Autocad software. DWF & PDF file formats can be provided to clients for viewing if they do not possess Autocad.
Vogel Drafting inc. Offers a few different services for our clients:
1. Drafting Houses (Custom or Production - full construction drawings)

2. Designing Houses (concept drawings)

3. Brochures (stripping existing product for sales or web site)

4. Realtor Brochures (sales brochures of property - includes field measure/drafting)

5. "As-Built" Plans - a starting point to start a new house renovation/design. We provide this service a lot for Architects that don't have the time to visit and measure the site and then draft it up. They in turn will take these plans and develop them further for their clients into a new product.

6. Renovation or additions to existing property (drawing include existing plans and new construction for plan submission)

7. Code Updates to your Plans catalog (IRC updates to your plans)

8. Plan maintenance or changes to your existing product

What Vogel Drafting does not provide:

1. structural engineering

2. civil engineering

3. county/city plan submission
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