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Vogel Drafting Inc.

Architectural Drafting Services

Serving Builders, Architects, and Homeowners since 2000
We provide professional Drafting Services for Homeowners, Builders & Architects which includes design, development and field changes. With 31 years experience handling residential construction jobs from small 500 sq. ft. renovations to 8000 sq. ft. houses up and down the East Coast.
We can delevop custom houses from rough "napkin" sketches and work with you to develop a plan of your own
Vogel Drafting Inc. is often employed to assist companies with their own architectural staff but need to out-source due to schedule needs. Our company can draft in your format and style and help you complete projects on time.
Our background started in production builders so we are familiar with large building sets with a large amount of options.
Vogel Drafting Also enjoys designing that "House of Dreams" for our cliens.
We are also we versed in additions, renovations, and repair projects. Whether it's adding a garage or deck to your home or increase the footprint, we can assist you on that path.
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